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SIBs.CO is the Social Impact Bonuses program in Colombia financed by the BID lab and SECO, and implemented by Fundación Corona.

Its objective is to help the government make a more efficient public spending by means of the Social Impact Bonuses model,

an innovative financing and hiring model for social programs in which the government entities make alliances with the private sector. In this model, venture capitalists invest in the social service providers,  but the financial resources can only be drawn when previously set goals are met. It is an effective system: it provides knowledge around social problems and transforms the way in which they are tackled.


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Fundación Corona, recognizes the importance of articulating different actors to find innovative solutions for social challenges.

That is why we bet on the Social Impact Bonuses as  a mechanism based on the alliances between the public sector, private investors, and operators pto solve complex social problems and to promote a more effective use of the available resources.

Thanks to Sibs.CO, Colombia has become a regional and worldwide example as it is the first middle income country where the Social Impact Bonuses have been successfully implemented on both a national and territorial level. As a benchmark in inclusive employment topics, Fundación Corona has not only taken part in the implementation of Sibs.CO’s programs, but it has also developed strategies to strengthen potential actors of the ecosystem. Finally, it has also tried to make the knowledge around this system and its pilot schemes a public asset for the country.