A country in which citizens and governments work together to build a more inclusive and equitable society.

Promotion of the Inclusive Employment Model

This program has four focal points and develops its actions following the Inclusive Employment Model:


Territorial diagnosis.


Articulating actors in the field.


Strengthening different initiative.

4. Design and update of the instruments, guidelines, and public policies

The program also maps the ecosystems of more than 50 cities in Colombia, collects the best practices, tracks systematizations and evaluations done outside of the country, and develops particular technical tools.

Socios de la iniciativa

Fundacion Corona



Our Commitment

The high degree of complexity of social problems like the unemployment of traditionally excluded populations urgently requires the articulation and coordination of different organizations to face the problems and promote solutions with a resounding impact in the different territories. 

That is why Fundación Corona recognizes the need of calling to action and articulating different actors -with different natures, missions and intervention plans- who work, one way or another, for labor inclusion, so that they can work in a more efficient and coordinated manner.