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Global Opportunity Youth Initiative - GOYI Bogotá

GOYI Bogotá is part of a global collective impact initiative that seeks to reduce the number of young people from Bogotá who don’t work or study, or who have informal jobs.

The final objective of this initiative is to improve the life quality of young people through access and permanence in the formal job market by improving the access, quality and relevance of the education, training, intermediation, and selection processes in the companies. 

To achieve this, GOYI Bogotá organizes and articulates the diverse actors in the territory around common goals and agendas that allow them to share what they have learned, to join efforts, and to optimize their actions so as to achieve their objectives.

Socios de la iniciativa

The Aspen Institute

Fundacion Corona

YouthBuild International


Our Commitment

For Fundación Corona, collective impact is a powerful tool to articulate different actors -with different natures, missions and intervention plans- who work, one way or another, for labor inclusion

So that their actions are developed in a more coordinated and efficient fashion and they can have a significative impact in the realities of a territory.