A country in which citizens and governments work together to build a more inclusive and equitable society.

Model of Citizen Involvement Participa+


Pseeks to strengthen the relationship between organized citizens and their public institutions.
It is a model to guide actions of effective citizen involvement through three lines: citizen leadership, advocacy, and open government. 

The model is based on an integral vision of the interaction between these three lines, which makes it different from other programs that act in and isolated way, which limits their impact. In addition, Participa+ presents a new vision of citizen involvement in Colombia that seeks to break down the barriers that discourage and limit the forms of effective involvement and that take legitimacy from democracy.

Socios de la iniciativa


Our Commitment

Participa+ is a replicable model that seeks to implement strategies that respond to the following challenges at a local level in Colombia:

1. Promoting citizens who are agents of change, capable of organizing and influencing public affairs that transform their environment. These leaders represent the ability to embody collective interests that will maintain public-oriented actions.
2. Generating advocacy strategies so that organized citizens use the different innovative methodologies that will strengthen their capacity to influence public decision making, and also so that they can get an institutional answer aligned with their causes.
3. Promoting open governments under a logic of public innovation that facilitates an interaction in which the state anticipates the needs of citizens nd makes them partakers of its decisions. This strategy is based on three pillars: transparency, participation and co-creation.