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This is How Health Is Doing


Así Vamos en Salud  is an observatory that analyzes and shares specialized information to generate knowledge about the health sector. Their purpose is to inspire people to actively and consciously participate in taking care of their health and in the search for well-being for all Colombians. 

Así Vamos en Salud seeks to contribute to the improvement of Colombians' health by informing, analysing and formulating public policies that are structured collectively, and that are oriented to meet the needs, expectations and perceptions of the population in the light of national goals and objectives.

Socios de la iniciativa

Fundacion Corona

Fundación Bolívar Davivienda

PLAN International





Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá

Fundación Saldarriaga Concha

Fundación Exito

Instituto Roosevelt



Universidad el Bosque

Coosalud EPS

Juan N. Corpas Fundación Universitaria

Fundación Keralty

Our Commitment

Through our line of Education Towards Citizen Participation, Fundación Corona seeks to promote citizen accountability exercises such as Así Vamos en Salud, that qualify decision making and public debate on different issues that influence good governance and population's living conditions.

In addition, we seek to strengthen these kinds of oversight initiatives to strengthen their advocacy and citizen participation mechanisms. 

In 2016, the Right to Health Index was developed, which measures the population's health, the health sector's effectiveness and financing, as well as the citizen perception. During 2017, the Local Index was launched, which makes the same measurements, this time at a regional level. This index aims to make  a part of the information in the health sector available to the citizens, consolidated in a tool that gives an account of the evolution of the Colombians' health from a multidimensional perspective that describes how health is in our country. Likewise, in 2018, the A Tu Servicio Bogotá platform was launched, which allows citizens to evaluate the service received in health centers.