A country in which citizens and governments work together to build a more inclusive and equitable society.

How Are Cities Doing Network (RCCV)


La Red de Ciudades Cómo Vamos (RCCV) is an independent civil society and private sector initiative, led by the 16 Cómo Vamos en Colombia programs and by Fundación Corona. The Network has the support of the newspaper El Tiempo, the Chamber of Comerce of Bogotá and the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana as national partners, and also of more than 120 partners at a local level. Through the 16 Cómo Vamos programs, the RCCV groups 36 municipalities in the country, including 13 capital cities, which together, reunite about 60% of the country's urban population. 

The Network seeks to contribute to the development of more effective and transparent governments, and more responsible, informed and participatory citizens that contribute to sustainable development and to the increase of life quality in Colombia's cities. 

Socios de la iniciativa

Bogotá cómovamos

Manizales cómovamos

Medellín cómovamos

Cúcuta cómovamos

Bucaramanga Metropolitana cómovamos

Aburra Sur cómovamos

Barranquilla cómovamos

Cali cómovamos

Ibague cómovamos

Pereira cómovamos

Sabana Centro cómovamos

Santa Marta cómovamos

Yumbo cómovamos

Cartagena cómovamos

Our Commitment

In Fundación Corona we seek to contribute to the development of more sustainable and equitable cities and territories through the strengthening of public management and citizen participation.

The RCCV bases its work on 4 main strategies:

1. Impact on public policy
Through the production of knowledge and information aimed at guiding and strengthening the development of evidence-based public policy.
3. Citizenship:
Thanks to the support given to pedagogy and citizen participation projects, developed by the Cómo Vamos programs.
2. The strengthening of the Cómo vamos programs:
Through the development of programs and projects that improve the advocacy and participation capacities of the 16 Cómo Vamos programs active in the country.
4. Ciudatos:
Through sharing the information collected and produced by the Cómo Vamos programs at a local level, and of the RCCV programs nationwide in an open data platform.