A country in which citizens and governments work together to build a more inclusive and equitable society.

All for Education


Todos por la Educación is a citizen movement that seeks to mobilize all actors and sectors of society so that, working in an articulated manner, education can become the main strategy for equity, development and peace.

Through a sustained citizen mobilization, Todos por la Educación promotes a pedagogy based on the importance of education for the country. Their actions include: referents transformation, design of collective proposals, and the mobilization of citizens' agendas for their impact on public policies.

Socios de la iniciativa


Alcaldía mayor de Bogotá

Empresarios por la Educación

Fundacion Corona

Fundación Compartir

Naciones Unidas

Fundación FORD

Our Commitment

Fundación Corona has supported Todos por la Educación since its very beginnings because it is an initiative that seeks to educate social leaders who work to improve their territory, city and country.

Our commitment in EducationTowards Citizen Participation, specifically  in the area of ​​citizen leadership, is to strengthen these leaders' abilities, so that they can have greater impact capacity, thus, achieving all their objectives.