A country in which citizens and governments work together to build a more inclusive and equitable society.

Activa Buenaventura 


The Activa Buenaventura project is inspired by the need to articulate different actors and initiatives that have innovative approaches to promote citizen involvement in the construction of the public sector in Buenaventura. Taking into account a systemic perspective,

the project seeks to propose and innovate in the way that social leaderships are organized and strengthened, and also in how citizens interact with public institutions and the government to open instances of co-construction, participation and networking. The main objective of this project is to overcome the limitations of a traditional system in which decisions are made unilaterally, unipersonally, and hierarchically, to implement a new scheme in which public decisions are co-created between public institutions and citizens. The initiative, developed by Fundación Corona and Movilizatorio, as a replicable model of collective impact for the territories, will be implemented in Buenaventura in partnership with Fundación Carvajal, Seamos, Gases de Occidente, Pro Pacífico, Sociedad Portuaruia and the IRI.

Socios de la iniciativa


Seamos Democracia Digital


GdO Gases de Occidente


Fundación FORD


SPB Fundacion Sociedad Portuaria de Buenaventura

Fundación Carvajal

Our Commitment

The implementation of the three components of the Model seek the promotion of an involved citizenship in Buenaventura and of a more open, participatory, collaborative, transparent, and efficient public administration.

The  value proposition of the model as a vehicle of collective impact is reflected through the following strategies: 

1. Strengthening the existing diagnosis on the territory from which the Model starts, which allows us to identify new opportunities to strengthen leadership, advocacy and open government initiatives.
2. Structuring guidelines around the current policies of Buenaventura, regarding citizen participation, that truly understand the dynamics in the three components proposed in the Model.
3. Qualifying the work teams and local partners on issues related to citizen involvement.
4. Strengthening institutional capacities in Buenaventura through the use of tools designed in the Model.
5. Designing, implementing and making visible an integrated information platform with local sources in the context of the quality of life in Buenaventura, as well as indicators of the results of each of these initiatives.
6. Strengthening local capacities in leadership, advocacy and open government for the sustainability of actions and results.